Solar energy system design and installation

Government schemes have, in recent years, encouraged many Australians to integrate solar energy systems into their homes and businesses. However, as energy prices continue to rise, more and more families and business owners are seeking solar installation to offset both their bills and their carbon imprint. The benefits speak for themselves: solar energy is clean, efficient, and cost-effective.

But how exactly does it work?

A group of solar panels or solar modules is called an array. When sunlight strikes a solar panel, it generates Direct Current (DC). An electrical component called an inverter then changes DC to Alternating Current (AC). Inverters are the heart of the solar energy system, but the wiring and array mounting are both critical factors in determining a solar power system's overall performance.

Adam Black is a Clean Energy Council-accredited* designer and installer of solar systems, including grid-connect, roof-mount, ground-mount, and tracking systems. Adam is able to provide an on-site assessment to ascertain what's suitable for your situation, and propose an appropriate system to match your needs.

At Burnett Electrical Services, we exclusively use the best SMA Inverters and Hyundai, Bosch, Suntech and ZN Shine Panels.

This means that, when you choose BES to design and install your solar system, you not only get the best panels & components, but also trained, certified and experienced installers to ensure that your system meets industry best practice standards and all relevant Australian Standards.

To find out how solar energy can work for you, contact Burnett Electrical Services for a free site inspection today.

*license number A9166213